MTK Flash Tool Download For Windows Latest 2021

MTK Flash Tool For Windows

The MTK flash tool is an application for Windows computer which helps in flashing or installing the stock firmware on MediaTek feature phone. The MTK flashing tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including the latest version of the flash tool. It is also compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 that are running on MediaTek chipset.



The following are some important features of the MTK flash tool Software

  • It comes as a Portable application in which you do not have to install it on your computer rather just download and extract the tool or your computer and open the flash tool file to launch this application to start flashing your PC.
  • It allows you to flash and install the stock firmware on your MediaTek feature phone. For that, you should have the correct firmware on your MediaTek feature phone.
  • It comes with the support of devices that runs on the MediaTek feature phone. Once you install the MediaTek VCOM drivers on your computer, this MTK flash tool can easily detect your device and it flashes the firmware on the device.
  • It supports the flash file of .cfg or .txt based Stock firmware on the device. You can easily find these files in the stock firmware of your MediaTek feature phone.

How to use MTK flash tool?

In order to use the MTK phone flash tool on the stock firmware of your MediaTek feature phone, you need to install the VCOM driver and then launch the tool. Further, click on the install button to search for the .cfg file from the firmware folder. Afterward, click on the download option to begin the process. It can be used on all the MediaTek smartphones, tablets, and feature phones.

MTK Flashing Software Support

The MTK flash tool comes as an auto-installer that supports all the MediaTek devices along with different flash tools. It can be installed through the setup window as the mediated driver. It supports a large number of MediaTek devices such as MT623, MT6515, MT6572, MT6589T, and many more which supports various MediaTek chipsets. It also supports a wide range of Support flash tools such as SP flash tool, SP MDT flash tool, Agnew flash tool, Sugar MTK SP flash tool and IMEI flash tool including SN read and write tool.


Install and Download MTK Flash Tool 2021

To install the MTK tool onto your device, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Install VCOM USB drive on your computer.
  2. Download an extract MTK flash tool on your computer.
  3. Once your empty flash tool is extracted on the computer, you can be able to see the option of open file tool in the following file.
  4. Now click on the open flash tool to launch the flash tool.
  5. Now click on the configuration button and search for the file from the firmware folder.
  6. Now connect your Mediatek feature phone to your PC.
  7. And make sure your device is power off.
  8. Now click on the download button to start the flashing process.
  9. You can be able to see the green ring at the end which shows that the flashing process is completed.
  10. Now disconnect your device from the computer and then restart it.

So you can easily Download MTK Flash Tool for Windows from the below link, The downloading link is freely available here.

Download Links

Download>>Mega Link

Download>>Mediafire Link

Download>>Pcloud Link

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