iPad Activation Lock Removal

iPad activation lock removal is an iOS feature that has done many steps to prevent iPad or iPhone from being tapped or stolen than any other security measure. Once it is locked, it is impossible to use the iPad or iPhone without an authorized Apple ID and password.


The iPad activation lock is basically designed to keep your device and your data safe in case your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen. Your activation lock will be still protected even if you erase the device without signing out of iCloud.

There are two solutions; you either need the Apple ID or password with sufficient proof of ownership then you might be able to get Apple support to do it for you in recovery. If you have been able to get the Apple ID and password from the original owner of the iPhone or iPad, then you can get access to the device.

Main features of iPad activation lock removal

The iPad activation lock Has the main basic features and it works under these circumstances:

If you erase your own device.

If you bought the device from someone else.

If you turn off the activation lock.

But if you are not the previous owner and he's not with you then you have to follow some steps

First of all sign in to iCloud software with your Apple ID.

Go to Find My iPhone.

Then click all devices at the top of your screen.

Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud.

Then click erase the device.

Then select next until the device is erased.

Now click remove from account.

After the previous owner removes the device from their account, now you have to turn off the device and then turn it back on to start the setup process.

How to use iPad activation lock removal?

1. Turn on the iPhone or iPad.

2. When the activation lock screen is shown, enter the Apple ID password.

3. You can only disable the activation lock when the iPhone or iPad finishes starting.

4. The tap on general.

5. After that click restart.

6. Then tap erase all content settings.

7. When the device restarts, it will show you a new device reset to its factory conditions without an activation lock.


How activation lock works?

When you turn on the Find My iPhone option on your Apple device, Apple registers your device by linking your Apple ID to your device. Then your device is automatically protected. Even if your device is stolen the thief will never get your device passcode or your Apple ID password to disable the iCloud lock And he still cannot be able to reactivate and use your iPhone or iPad without first removing the activation lock.

iPad activation lock removal-download

Download iPad activation lock removal

In order to remove the I cloud lock, you always need the following:

1. Passcode

2. iCloud password

3. Original purchase receipt in your name.

Besides, there are no alternatives to our tools and services that could remove the activation lock from an iPhone or iPad without the passcode or the user's Apple ID or iCloud password.

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